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THE TEAM: Tabella FC

Team Liberia
Team Liberia

On October 30, 2010, Search for Common Ground (SFCG) launched the ground breaking football drama series The Team: Tabella FC in partnership with four top television stations in Monrovia.

The ten-episode series follows the story of Martha Sonie a wealthy Liberian woman, who returns to home after making a fortune in the United States. Her goal is to raise her spoiled son Bryant to be a better person. When Bryant joins the local football team he must learn to interact with his new teammates Yassah and Koa who come from very different backgrounds. Together the threesome must learn to overcome their differences if they want to win the championship.

Through the eyes of these young footballers, The Team: Tabella FC explores issues affecting modern Liberia including corruption, sexual exploitation, political favoritism, price fixing, tribalism, drug abuse, and the role women play in shaping Liberia's future. Written and produced by top Liberian artists, the show's name "Tabella" refers to Liberians' affectionate term for football. Through its entertaining and simple story, the program holds a mirror up to Liberian society, and calls on all Liberians to live up to young peoples' hopes and dreams for a brighter – and more cooperative – future. The show fits into SFCG's overall goal in Liberia: building an inclusive society where political reforms translate into real gains for ordinary people.

In a country where peace is fragile and memories are long, The Team: Tabella FC, plays a creative and constructive role, holding out hope for all Liberians to overcome their differences and work towards a common objective. The broadcast marks a new phase of SFCG's work in Liberia, expanding into TV, by building on its famous Talking Drum Studio tradition of engaging with local radios and speaking out for peace and understanding.

SFCG is currently producing The Team in many countries around the world. The Team is created by local actors, writers and filmmakers. It has garnered praise around the world as an innovative program for increasing tolerance and cooperation, encouraging dialogue, and building the skills of media producers.


The Team has received funding from the following:

Skoll FoundationUnited Kingdom Foreign & Commonwealth Office USAIDU.S. Department of State USIP European Union