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Great Lakes Policy Forum

SFCG Africa Program Manager Mike Jobbins, US Ambassador Johnnie Carson, and US Senator and Special Envoy Russell Feingold at a recent GLPF

About the Great Lakes Policy Forum

Operating Since 1995, the Great Lakes Policy Forum aims to keep the Great Lakes on the agenda of policy makers and provides a platform where Government, NGOs, academics, and the Diaspora come together to search cooperatively for solutions to the region’s conflicts.  The Forum is presented by some of the leading NGO and academic voices on the Great Lakes in the Washington, DC area.

Our participants include members of the NGO community, the diplomatic corps, international organizations such as the United Nations, and representatives from USAID and the State Department.  Participants have used the GLPF to present reports on their activities and to advocate for a more consistent and cohesive policy in the Great Lakes.  One of the primary goals is to encourage a broader dialogue between NGOs, academics, regional experts, international organizations, and policy makers on particular issues.  Such dialogue can lead to a greater understanding of the dynamics of the region’s conflicts, the key players involved, and the regional dimension of envisioned solutions for sustainable peace in the Great Lakes.

GLPF Principals