Common Ground Productions is the media arm of Search for Common Ground. Using television, radio and Internet programming, CGP transforms the way individuals and societies deal with conflict: away from adversarial approaches, towards cooperative solutions. Whether countering "hate radio" in Africa or hate crime in the United States, Common Ground Productions is dedicated to harnessing the power of the media for peace.

Jackson Bodo Wayan Mwita

In Memoriam: Jackson Bodo Wayan Mwita

The Team

The Team: SFCG’s multi-nation TV drama series

Players from different backgrounds must put aside their differences to score goals...


The Bridge

Two Egyptians and two Americans share their lives and cultures

The Station (Egypt)

Soap opera and social commentary combine in this innovative show

The Station (Nigeria)

A fictional news team covers the complex reality of today's Nigeria

The Academy

Twenty aspiring Nigerian actors compete for the chance of a lifetime

The Shape of the Future

Palestinians and Israelis search for peaceful, long-term solutions

Africa: SFCG

Africans across the continent examine the roots of violent conflict

Nashe Maalo

A diverse gang of kids share a secret: their apartment building is alive!


Can teamwork and a bit of magic save the old children's theatre?

Radio for Peacebuilding, Africa

SFCG spreads the message of coexistence through Africa's airwaves

Public Service Announcements

Celebrities around the world call out for peace, unity and reconciliation

Peace Songs

Musicians lend their voices, instruments and hearts to songs of peace

Short Videos

Short video clips highlight CGP's media projects around the world