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The Team Burundi

Intamenwa festival performance
Performers at the Intamenwa Music Festival

The Team Burundi - Intamenwa

In Burundi, SFCG uses The Team to promote non-violence and reconciliation amongst young people. Poverty and high unemployment leave youth feeling helpless and vulnerable to manipulation but The Team's message is that together, youth people can empower themselves and each other to be successful.


Utilizing radio’s popularity and accessibility in Burundi, the series called Intamenwa! ("The Indivisibles") is broadcast bi-weekly. Intamenwa follows a football team of the same name, focusing on two players, Muravyo and Doddy, from two very different social backgrounds. Muravyo, a young man from a poor family is stigmatized because of his background but earns respect because he is such a good player. Doddy, on the other hand receives preferred treatment because his father is the president of the club and an influential, rich politician.

The players on the team are from different social classes -- from elite politically connected families as well as from poor disenfranchised families. There are natural prejudices and stereotypes they must deal with as they struggle to come together as a team and tackle issues of money, love, manipulation and politics.


Two television spots were also aired over 60 times on national channels to promote Intamenwa and its message of cohesion despite difference.

Leaders from four of the major political parties also lent their support to the campaign’s message; recording and broadcasting messages for peace and solidarity despite political differences. These messages were broadcast over 100 times on two major radio stations.

Perhaps the most powerful voices came from Burundian youth themselves. SFCG held a music competition in Bujumbura Rurale, Bujumbura Mairie, and Bubanza, calling on youth to use music to express messages of peace and tolerance. Thirty-eight music groups took up the challenge. The three finalists got the chance to record their original songs and have them broadcast on the radio. The contest wrapped up with a music festival in Bujumbura where the three regional finalists performed to excited crowds of around 5,000 people.


Broadcast nationwide, Intamenwa elicited over 80 letter when it first aired, from people across the country writing to say how the program sparked reflection.

“Muravyo has been an example to us: we must be courageous in spite of difficulties and always keep the team spirit, that is to say, mutual support, helping each other at school”. --Intamenwa viewer

“Peace is not just the business of politicians, but each of us has a role to play.”
--self-identified 'indivisble youth'; at the Bujumbura music festival

The Team has received funding from the following:

Skoll FoundationUnited Kingdom Foreign & Commonwealth Office USAIDU.S. Department of State USIP European Union