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The Team Palestine

The Team in Palestine is a multi-layered television series that weaves together elements of drama, sports, and societal issues. It offers a realistic portrayal of what a soccer/football* team from Palestine must face on a daily basis. Moments of love and hate clash with ancient social traditions and values; the realities of life in a refugee camp mix with the stresses and demands that university students face. The Team is intended to reach both the minds and hearts of its audience, and it exemplifies the best of a creative team of artists, technicians and administrators at the core of Palestinian television and drama.

Footballers in The Team in Palestine

The main character, Karam, is a university student and a professional football player. He is a diligent student who falls in love with his dream girl. The drama follows their most unique love story, and how Karam's life changes as he is exposed to the injustice and oppression all around him.

The series also reveals the hopes and fears of Karam’s football team, which longs to grow and develop yet faces the constant challenges that come with living in a nation under siege. Among these unique challenges for the team: the daily reality that their coach or teammates could be arrested at any time. They keep striving for success, however, fueled by the simple hope of being embraced by their people.

Some of the social issues tackled in The Team include women’s right to work, the difficulties facing a single mom raising two boys, the importance of education, values such as loyalty, commitment and cooperation, and the overall difficulties of life under occupation.

* The sport known as soccer in the United States will hereafter be referred to as football, as it is known in the rest of the world.

Behind the scenes with The Team in Palestine

Facts about The Team in Palestine

  • Co-produced by the Ma'an Network and Search for Common Ground (SFCG). 

  • The largest production in Palestine, with an entirely Palestinian cast and crew of 110 people.

  • The series was directed and written by Nabil Shoumali.

  • The show was filmed in more than 60 sites around Palestine.

Behind the scenes with The Team in Palestine

More Information about Ma’an Network

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The Team has received funding from the following:

Skoll FoundationUnited Kingdom Foreign & Commonwealth Office USAIDU.S. Department of State USIP European Union