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The Team Sierra Leone

THE TEAM is a Sierra Leonean TV Drama - telling the story of the football team "FC Poda-Poda"

Team Sierra Leone
Team Sierra Leone
Team Sierra Leone

"The Team", a local Sierra Leonean production, is a television drama series created by Search for Common Ground/Talking Drum Studio in cooperation with its partner the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC), that is centering around the happenings within the football team, FC Poda-Poda in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

It is combining the worldwide appeal of football with drama (soap opera) to help transform socio-political attitudes and reduce violent behaviour in post-war Sierra Leone. Using Football (soccer) as the unifier, the TV series concentrate on the very real divisive issues challenging in the post-war environment in Sierra Leone.

Issues like post-war reconciliation, HIV/AIDS, and female empowerment are all confronted and dealt with by the team players in the show.

The Team (or L'Equipe) has already been produced in 12 different African, Middle Eastern and Asian countries, including Kenya, Nepal, Angola, Côte d'Ivoire, DRC, Morocco and the Palestinian Territories AND IS FINALLY COMING TO SIERRA LEONE!

The Team will tell fictionalized stories of young people who play on the same soccer team and who reflect the regional, ethnic, religious, and social diversity of Sierra Leone. The core metaphor will be very simple. If characters do not play together, they will not score goals. Storylines will emphasize civic education around such issues as accountability, diversity, gender equality and women's participation, maternal mortality, free and fair elections, governance and transparency.

The production mirrors Sierra Leone as a Maroon Town Football Team (Poda Poda F.C) and Sierra Leoneans as characters ( players, sponsors, coach and supporters) on the football team.

The team is faced with so many challenges (political, gender, health, ethnic cultural ) which they should overcome (for Season One) to win the tournament organized for Maroon Town's 50th Anniversary. The series is created and produced locally. Also Actors and scriptwriters are drawn from the local population.

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The Team has received funding from the following:

Skoll FoundationUnited Kingdom Foreign & Commonwealth Office USAIDU.S. Department of State USIP European Union