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The Common Ground Awards are presented annually to honor outstanding accomplishments in conflict resolution, negotiation, community and peace building. Recipients have made significant contributions toward bridging divides between people, finding solutions to seemingly intractable problems, and providing inspiration and hope where often there was none. [more info]


Search for Common Ground acts as the secretariat and co-sponsor of three collaborative forums in the Washington, DC area. The forums are co-sponsored by a range of NGOs and government organizations.


Conflict Prevention and Resolution Forum (CPRF)

Founded in 1999, the CPRF is dedicated to sparking a pragmatic discussion of approaches to conflict prevention and resolution. To create a lively and relevant platform, meetings will often focus on a specific conflict region. Alternatively, representatives of remarkable institutions or initiatives in the field of conflict prevention and resolution will share their vision and tools. The CPRF aims to provide information from a wide variety of perspectives and explore possible solutions to complex conflicts; while providing a secure venue for stakeholders from various disciplines to engage in cross-sector and multi-track problem-solving. Learn more...

Great Lakes Policy Forum (GLPF)

Active since 1995, the Great Lakes Policy Forum aims to provide a platform where NGOs, academics and members of the Diaspora can cooperatively search for solutions to conflict in the Great Lakes Region. The GLPF also strives to keep the region on the agenda of policy makers in Washington. The forum is presented by some of the leading NGOs and academic voices on the Great Lakes in the Washington, DC area. Learn more...

Washington Network on Children and Armed Conflict (WNCAC)

Operating since 2005, the Washington Network on Children and Armed Conflict is an inter-disciplinary community which provides an open forum for practitioners and those interested in issues surrounding children and conflict to meet, exchange information and engage in discussion. Learn more...