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Advisory Board for Washington DC Office

Russell Baker
Former U.S. Attorney

Robert Borosage
Co-Director, Campaign for America's Future

Taylor Branch
Pulitzer Prize-winning Author

Edmund Cabot, M.D.
Cabot-Wellington, LLC

Antonia Chayes
Former Under Secretary of the U.S. Air Force

Lawrence Chickering
Former Executive Director
Institute for Contemporary Studies

Dick Clark
Former U.S. Senator

Alton Frye
Council on Foreign Relations

John Gilligan
Former Governor

Jessica Tuchman Matthews
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Ambler Moss
Former U.S. Ambassador to Panama

Michael Murphy
Esalen Institute

John Naisbitt
Megatrends Limited

Ambassador (Ret.) Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah
Mauritanian diplomat and former senior United Nations official

Tom Powers
Pulitzer Prize-winning Author

Paula Stern
Former Chair
U.S. International Trade Commission

Federick Taft
Spieth, Bell, McCurdy & Newell

W. Scott Thompson
Former Associate Director
U.S. Information Agency

Sir Brian Urquhart
Former United Nations Under Secretary General

W. Bruce Weinrod
Former Foreign Policy Director
Heritage Foundation

Akiko Yamanaka
United Nations University, Tokyo and
Former Member, Japanese Diet