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Advisory Board for Brussels Office

Pavel Baev
Co-editor, Security Dialogue
Oslo, Norway

Anders Bjurner
Former Deputy Undersecretary of State
Stockholm, Sweden

Arie Bloed
Executive Director, Constitutional and Legal Policy Institute (COLPI)
Budapest, Hungary

Kevin Clements
Director, Australian Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies
University of Queensland, Australia

Asbjorn Eide
Senior, Norwegian Institute for Human Rights (NIHR)
Oslo, Norway

Jean F. Freymond
Director, Centre for Applied Studies in International Negotiations (CASIN)
Geneva, Switzerland

Marijana Grandits
Former Member of Austrian Parliament,
Vienna, Austria

Istvan Gyarmati
Deputy State Secretary of Integration, Ministry of Defence
Budapest, Hungary

John Hume
Nobel Peace Prize Laureate,
Belfast, Northern Ireland

Peter Kooijmans
Former Foreign Minister of the Netherlands
Leiden, Netherlands

Prince Alfred von Liechtenstein
Chairman of the Advisory Board, International Peace Foundation
President, Academy for the Study of the Future
Vienna, Austria

John J. Maresca
Former Ambassador of the United States
Geneva, Switzerland

Reginald Moreels
Former State Secretary, Cooperation & Development,
Brussels, Belgium

Giandomenico Picco
Chairman & CEO, GDP Associates,
New York, USA

Luc Reychler
President, Field Diplomacy Initiative
Leuven, Belgium

Michel Rocard
Former Prime Minister of France
Member of the European Parliament
Brussels, Belgium

John Roper
Former Head, WEU Institute for Security Studies,
Paris, France

Adam Daniel Rotfeld
Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
Warsaw, Poland

Ivan Smirnov
President, Poisk Soglasia,
St. Petersburg, Russia

Dan Smith
Secretary General, International Alert,
London, England

Hugo van Rompaey
Member of Parliament,
Brussels, Belgium

Akiko Yamanaka
United Nations University, Tokyo and
Former Member, Japanese Diet
Tokyo, Japan

Mario Zucconi
Research Fellow, Centro di Studi di Politica Internazionale
Rome, Italy