In 2010, Niger suffered a military coup and political crisis that destabilized the country. Though successful elections in 2011 boosted hopes of progress, Niger remains an extremely fragile state, plagued by both domestic and regional pressures. Niger was ranked the poorest country in the world according to the United Nations Human Development Index in 2013, and economic conditions have improved little since then. Since late 2011, we have worked to empower youth to participate in their community and strengthen positive social networks. Our team currently collaborates with local and international organizations in Niger and the greater Sahel to train youth in leadership and social communication.

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Boat_on_Niger_River The Poetic Refugee: Powerful words out of Niger - Refugee, Refugee, this is what I am, Refugee, this is my situation, Refugee, this is my circumstance. Yet, I have done no evil, done no wrong, But suddenly everything around me has fallen apart.For some their story is over, while for othersA new adventure is beginning. My tomorrow […]

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sarel-banner Building Resilience in Niger and Burkina Faso - Rural areas of the Sahel are suffering from many hardships, including poverty, lack of infrastructure, poor governance and gender inequality. These factors dampen community resilience, leaving households prone to socio-economic shocks. Demographic growth, climate change and the growing dependency on food markets are adding to the vulnerability of […]
promoting-banner Promoting a Culture of Peace among Children and Youth in Niger - In Niger, where over half of the population is under 18 years old, the socio-economic integration of youth poses an immense risk for the country’s stability. In the three regions where we are implementing this project – Zinder, Diffa and Tahoua – young people are vulnerable to violent […]
SAM_6891 Strengthening youth capacity for conflict prevention - We recently completed a year-long project in the Zinder region of Niger to strengthen young people’s ability to prevent conflict and encourage them to promote inter-community understanding. We also helped the Ministry of Youth (MoY) strengthen its capacity to engage youth organizations and support their initiatives for peace. […]




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Aboubacar Moutari
SFCG – Niger

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