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February 29, 2024

Since 2012, Niger has faced an upsurge in insecurity due to the Boko Haram insurgency and
the Malian crisis, primarily affecting the regions of Diffa, Tahoua, and Tillabéri. This insecurity, coupled with limited resources to address it, fosters mistrust and divisions within communities, making them more vulnerable to extremist groups.

In collaboration with the American Bar Association (ABA ROLI) and Pact, Search is executing a 4-year project funded by Freedom House through the Human Rights Support Mechanism financed by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). The “Adalci” project, meaning fairness in Hausa, aims to strengthen judicial pathways to reduce vulnerability to violent extremism in Diffa, Tahoua, and Tillabéri.


Through Search’s training initiatives, the project strengthens the mediation capacities of traditional leaders and local mediators, including key actors such as religious leaders, women, and youth. These mediators acquire negotiation, communication, and dialogue facilitation skills, enabling them to organize community dialogues to resolve local conflicts. Furthermore, they collaborate with ten community peace committees to advance mediation and conflict monitoring at the community level. The project also establishes multipartite platforms to improve collaboration and synergy among mediators, traditional leaders, and judicial actors.


Search facilitates citizens’ access to justice by raising awareness about their rights and enforcement mechanisms through campaigns, radio programs, theatrical performances, and short films. Simultaneously, ABA ROLI enhances the representation of the judicial system by establishing regional justice centers, mobile legal aid clinics, case management systems, and trained magistrates.


ABA ROLI strengthens the capacity of the National Commission of Human Rights and civil society organizations to transform perceptions of impunity and strenghten accountability for human rights abuses. This is acchieved through training initiatives that support advocacy, reporting of human rights violations linked to violent extremism, and seeking reparation. In parallel, Search’s “Know Your Rights” campaign deploys large-scale awareness initiatives, such as TV and radio shows and panel discussions, to inform citizens about available
pathways for redress.

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