Where We Work

In the tension and hostility mounting before violent conflict, we’re there helping to prevent it.
In the anger and chaos of war, we’re there working to end violence.
In the pain and destruction of the aftermath, we’re there bridging divides to build lasting peace.

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Helping communities around the world

Around the world Search for Common Ground is working with communities that have been affected by violent conflict to build trust and create breakthroughs for a healthier future. Find out more by clicking on the regions below.


From Burundi to Benin, our conflict transformation efforts span across the continent to foster trust, collaboration, and lasting peace.
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Across the diverse tapestry of Asia, our conflict transformation initiatives are committed to nurturing healthier societies within a variety cultures and contexts.
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With our Brussels headquarters serving as a hub for collaboration on policy and advocacy, our work drives European conflict transformation efforts.
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Learn more about our headquarters based in Washington D.C. and Brussels, Belgium.
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Middle East & North Africa

Across the Middle East and North Africa, Search is working to build healthier societies.
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North & South America

Across the Americas, our programs are dedicated to fostering trust and collaboration for positive change.
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What we do

SEARCH FOR COMMON GROUND is the largest dedicated peacebuilding organization.

Since 1982, we have worked to end violent conflict and to build healthy, safe, and just societies all over the world. Currently, we work in 35 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North and South America.

Together, we can transform the way the world deals with conflict.