Track II mediation

A principal tool of the organization since our founding in 1982

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Recognizing the value of Track II diplomacy, we have used it as a principal tool of the organization since our founding in 1982.

When most people think of diplomacy, they think of official contact between government representatives, also known as Track I diplomacy. Track II diplomacy, on the other hand, involves almost entirely unofficial contacts. These unofficial contacts can include dialogues and exchanges between influential non-governmental actors from different countries, designed to build trust and increase communication. In addition, Track II initiatives can be useful when there are blockages at the official level and when a secondary, unofficial venue is needed to explore new or challenging ideas.

Beginning with projects focused on improving relations between the United States and the Soviet Union, we have led Track II projects aimed at supporting official agreements and understandings between the United States and Iran, Israel and Jordan, and between armed groups and the governments in Burundi, Sierra Leone, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. We are currently engaged in projects spanning the Middle East, North Africa, and the United States.

Together, we can transform the way the world deals with conflict.