Since 1995, we have supported peace and reconciliation in Burundi by helping local stakeholders to address transitional justice, sexual and gender-based violence, youth manipulation, and other issues.

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Burundi is threatened by political violence, press restrictions, and other tensions. Since 1995, we have supported peace and reconciliation by helping locals address transitional justice, gender-based violence, youth manipulation, and more. One of our resources, Studio Ijambo, has transformed Burundi’s media landscape by training journalists and producing informative, solution-oriented programs.

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#1 is most peaceful, equal, and democratic

out of 163 countries
Gender equality
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Dive into the heart of Tuyage (Let’s Talk), an initiative funded by USAID to transform communities throughout Burundi. Spearheaded by Search, Tuyage’s mission is clear: to cultivate an enriched information landscape, foster dynamic economic dialogue, encourage citizen engagement, and promote unwavering social cohesion. Since its inception in 2018, Tuyage has been steadfastly committed to two fundamental objectives, each playing a pivotal role in reshaping Burundi’s future.

Latest projects


Search Burundi launches a new “Shark Tank” style reality tv show!

Over the course of the show, the six mentees will engage in internships around the country, compete in teams to see who can turn a larger profit in a short time, & swap mentors. In a country with high levels of youth unemployment and recurring cases of political violence and widespread instability, Nd’umu DG and […]

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Tuyage: Analyzing Cultural Barriers to Women’s Economic Empowerment

We surveyed 735 households and interviewed 52 experts to understand the norms that limit women’s access to economic opportunities in Burundi. Here’s what we learned.

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