In Tunisia, the 2011 revolution that inspired the Arab Spring overthrew a government that did not respect basic human rights and political rights, paving the way for the country’s first free elections. Currently, religious and secular forces jockey for power within the democratic system, and Tunisian society is polarized by heated debates over its future. In this period of change marked by new freedoms and new conflicts, the country has made impressive progress in protecting representation and rights for women. Our team in Tunisia supports efforts to address their country’s conflicts constructively. We are assisting in the growth of Tunisia’s young democracy through a leadership development program for youth and through the training of media organizations.

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tn-women-screener Women’s Dialogue Project - Women’s rights in Tunisia are a major source of political conflict, drawing passionate responses from religious conservatives, hardliners, and secularists alike. Because of these tensions, organizations that work for women’s rights rarely interact, despite similar goals and broad areas of common ground. When these groups do interact, they […]

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Citizen Cafés Tunisia Empowering Young Change Makers in Tunisia - In order to empower youth leaders to become the protagonists of Tunisia’s democracy, we are sponsoring Youth Leadership Councils and local youth organizations across the country.
Tunisian Women Dialogue banner Women’s Dialogue - The Women's Dialogue program bridged the gap between secularist and faith-driven local women’s organizations, fostering dialogue and collaboration between the two groups.
Tunisia Women's Dialogue Mock Governance Simulations - Tunisian youth were powerful players in the 2011 revolution. Now, they must feel included in newly-democratic government institutions to prevent young people from losing faith in the new system. This is a challenge, however, because political polarization and divisive discourse has dominated the conversation, often eclipsing calls for […]




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