Violent Extremism

While many respond to terrorist acts with violent or propaganda-based tactics, we identify constructive means of dissuading people from expressing their beliefs or frustrations violently. We promote religious tolerance, bolster young people’s resistance to recruitment, and equip both convicted terrorists and prison officials with non-violent conflict resolution skills.


Promoting Religious Freedom in Kyrgyzstan

Our Kyrgyzstan team is working with the judiciary and civil society organizations to improve religious freedom in the country.

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Transforming Violent Extremism: A Peacebuilder’s Guide

“This guide is the fruit of collaboration by Search for Common Ground colleagues past and present from around the world. Through an appreciative inquiry process, we asked ourselves what we have learned from our years of work in transforming violent conflict and responding to violent extremism. This guide […]


2016 #CGAwards: Maryam and Janet

Surrounded by interreligious violence, two teenagers from Nigeria – one Muslim, one Christian – have become powerful voices of unity and resilience.


Social Media for Deradicalization in Kyrgyzstan

Working with local activists, we are countering youth’s recruitment into violent extremist groups through social media.


The Woman Bringing Boko Haram Wives Back To Their Families

Our own Fatima Askira speaks about her inspiring work to reintegrate Boko Haram wives into Nigerian society.


Militancy and the Arc of Instability: Violent Extremism in the Sahel

What drives violent extremist groups in the Sahel? How do they operate? Join us on 9/27 for a discussion on these topics and more.


CVE Reimagined: Youth and Governments Unite Against Violent Extremism

Discover how youth and government partnerships against violent extremism are making an impact on the ground – live from New York on 9/22!