Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is home to rich religious, ethnic, and linguistic diversity. Instead of being celebrated, these differences became fuel for a 26-year civil war, creating deep divisions within society. The country is now recovering from the civilian and economic tolls. We are working to promote cooperative engagement across traditional dividing lines in Sri Lanka to create a more inclusive national identity, especially through work with youth, women, and community media.

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Schermata 2015-11-17 alle 11.54.15 Sikka Team Trailer - A new series of The Team is on TV – with a big difference. This time, the heroes aren’t goalkeepers or strikers, but bowlers and batsmen…

latest projects

image-01 WILL – Women in Learning and Leadership - Our team is leading efforts to improve access to political opportunities for women leaders in Sri Lanka.
Sri Lanka Pics 032016_14 Empowering Women in Local Governance - This project focuses on strengthening the political representation of women in government.
Sri Lanka Pics 032016_17 The Community Memorialization Project - We are creating an environment that acknowledges and protects the diverse perspectives and memories of Sri Lanka’s history.
Sri Lanka Pics 032016_7 TOUR – Team Outreach for Reconciliation - This project builds upon the success of our national TV drama Sikka Team.




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Nawaz Mohammed
Country Director – Sri Lanka & Maldives
Telephone: 094 11 2506600

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Sri Lanka

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