Nigeria, Sub-Saharan Africa’s most populous country and its largest economy, faces several different conflicts, including an insurgency in the North East, ongoing ethnic and religious violence in the country’s Middle Belt, and threatening militancy in the oil-rich Niger Delta. We have been working in Nigeria since 2004, using innovative approaches to promote peacebuilding in areas of tension and to encourage understanding across ethnic, religious, and gender lines. With offices in Abuja, Jos, Maiduguri, and Port Harcourt, we are working to address conflict, utilizing consensus-based advocacy training, conflict resolution training, human rights monitoring and reporting, and the facilitation of dialogue processes that engage all levels of society.

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Holy Sites: Safeguarding Places of Worship in Northern Nigeria - In Nigeria, we support key religious leaders who ensure the protection of holy sites as places for peace and reconciliation, rather than targets of acts of violence.

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Building Consensus on Protection of Holy Sites in Northern Nigeria - Search Nigeria’s Building Consensus on The Protection of Holy Sites in Northern Nigeria project aims to support key religious leaders in Northern Nigeria who have the ability to influence and ensure wide acceptance of the principle that holy sites should be safeguarded as sites for peace and reconciliation rather than targets for destruction during violence.

Building Resilience & Supporting Youth Network in Countering Violent Extremism - Since 2009, the radical Islamist group, Boko Haram, has terrorized and devastated communities across the Lake Chad Basin. In recent years, vulnerable youth and children, including a growing number of young girls have been used to carry out attacks in North East Nigeria, where the Boko Haram insurgency […]
Strengthening Coalition on Human Rights in North East -

Search for Common Ground Nigeria’s program Strengthening Coalition on Human Rights in North East builds upon Search’s work to build inclusive coalitions among civil society groups, across regional and identity-driven divides in order to work collaboratively with government to take practical action to reduce the incidence of human rights abuses.




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Search for Common Ground – Nigeria

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