Our mission in Morocco is to promote a culture of dialogue and mutual respect in which everybody’s voice is heard. We do this by strengthening the capacity of individuals, organizations, institutions, and the government to cooperate and constructively resolve conflict. Our vision is a society in which everyone can fulfill their potential and differences are viewed as catalysts of social progress. This inclusive society would allow participation in all decision-making processes at all levels. Cooperation and constructive conflict resolution would be the norm.

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Fatima takes a stand: a young Moroccan’s journey to empower youth - 22-year-old activist Fatima Benoughazi is on a mission to stop the recruitment of young Moroccans into violent extremist groups.

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Favorable Opportunities to Reinforce Self-Advancement for Today’s Youth - Our Youth Councils in Morocco increase the ability of young people to advocate for their rights and gain access to economic and social opportunities.
Strengthening Civil Society’s Capacity to Serve Marginalized Groups in Mauritania - Our advocacy trainings empower Mauritanian civil society leaders to protect the rights of marginalized populations.
A New Life, a New Hope: our work in Moroccan prisons - Our reintegration programs for Moroccan detainees aim at decreasing recidivism and lessening the appeal of recruitment into violent extremists groups.




Country Director
Noufal Abboud
Search for Common Ground – Morocco

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