In 2012, Mali plunged into war after the secession of the Northern regions and the multiplication of violent extremist groups claiming territories across the country. Since then and despite the June 2015 Peace Agreement, Mali is in a state of crisis, facing refugee migrations, food insecurity, and violence perpetrated by militias.

We started working in Mali in 2014, as part of a Sahel-wide strategy. With journalists, former prisoners, students, and teachers, we strive to build positive youth leadership, good governance, social cohesion, and sustainable development.

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Enhanced Information and Communications for non-violence among Malian Refugees in Niger - We are supporting the peaceful return and reintegration process of displaced Malians.

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2-mali_unicef Promoting peace and social cohesion in Kidal - With UNICEF, we are launching an initiative to promote nonviolence within 11 schools in Kidal.
149206832_6782d614cb_b Community radio stations supporting the peace process in Northern Mali - We are working with community radio stations to amplify the voices of women and youth in Mali.
media-for-peace-mali New life, new hope : a social reintegration program in the Sahel and Maghreb - This project facilitates the reintegration of prisoners in the Sahel and Maghreb.





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