Madam Prime Minister

This program is a 2017 Classy Awards Finalist!

Between the fall of 2015 and the spring of 2016, Nepal was taken by the storm by its first female Prime Minister… even though she was fictional.

PM Aasha Singh was the protagonist of Madam Prime Minister (Singha Durbar: the Lion’s Palace), a 13-episode TV drama created by our Nepal team and funded by USAID. The show promoted positive examples of female leadership, democracy, and transparency; it became a big media hit and transforming PM Singh, played by Nepali star Gauri Malla, into a pop culture icon.

In 2017, the Prime Minister will be back for Season 2!

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Madam Prime Minister Trailer - Nepal has a new Prime Minister - and she's about to change her country forever. Watch the launch trailer of Madam Prime Minister (Singha Durbar: the Lion's Palace)!


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Of role models and the trickle-down effect - "The show’s creators hoped that with Singha Durbar, instead of art imitating life, life would end up imitating art."



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