For decades, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has been a peace broker in the Middle East and a safe haven for refugees in the region. Today, the overwhelming influx of refugees from Syria is straining Jordan’s economic and social fabric, while other challenges — like violent extremist recruitment and the marginalization of women and youth — contribute to heightening tensions.

We work in Jordan with the aim of bridging societal divides, preventing and transforming violent extremism, and empowering young people and women.

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90 Players, 25 Coaches… and One Goal - Syrian and Jordanian girls participated in a soccer camp that they will never forget.

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Ana La’abah - We're using sports to help girls overcome cultural barriers and interact across the divides that affect Jordan today.
Empowering Girls while Building Social Cohesion through Physical Education and Sports - By playing soccer together, Jordanian and Syrian girls are breaching the barriers of mistrust that kept them apart.
Madam President – Screenings and Dialogues - Our show is raising awareness among youth on the need for women to play an active role in society.




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