Indonesia is one of the most diverse countries on the planet. With the largest Muslim population in the world making up the majority of its 247 million inhabitants, Indonesia is also home to Christians, Catholics, Buddhists, Hindus and Confucians, made up of more than 1,000 ethnic groups. Despite a rich history of cultural and religious pluralism, Indonesia has seen a rise in radicalism and intolerance along ethnic, religious and gender lines since the end of Suharto’s 32-year authoritarian regime in 1998. Working in Indonesia since 2002, we use dialogue, innovative leadership trainings and creative multi-media productions to promote tolerance, understanding and peace. We collaborate with civil society, national executive and legislative bodies, as well as law enforcement officers to build a peaceful and plural Indonesia without violent conflict.

2014 Results:
  • 8,456 People Engaged
  • 5 Projects Implemented
  • 95 Activities Held
  • 21 Cities Covered
  • 5 Local Partners Involved
2013 Results:
  • 10,150 People Engaged
  • 5 Projects Implemented
  • 169 Activities Held
  • 26 Cities Covered
  • 6 Local Partners Involved

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Speed Drawing for Peacebuilding - Speed drawing videos have recently become popular as an effective form of ‘edutainment’, promote educational messages that also entertain viewers. Organizations use this live illustration format as a means to help explain a seemingly complex and serious subject in an uncomplicated and easy to understand [...]

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DESA: gender-equal budgeting in Indonesia - The needs of women are rarely reflected by how public funds are allocated in Indonesian villages. We are working to change that.
Strengthening Women’s Participation for the 2014 Elections - “I gained a lot of knowledge about leadership. I also learned that there are many positive choices in conflict resolution. I’m confident that I’m now a more skillful leader.” – Suryati from the United Development Party (PPP) “This training has changed my perspective on women issues. I have […]
Promoting Youth Leadership to End Violent Extremism - “There are definitely a few changes in my perspectives. Before this workshop, I used to think very subjectively about people. I judged them by their external appearances, but I never really saw who they really are on the inside. Now I believe that difference is not a problem […]




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