In spite of its tremendous natural resources, Chad is one of the least developed countries in the world. This lack of development is partly due to poor governance, which leads to lapses in transparency in the use of natural resources and poor political dialogue. In recent years, a series of internal and external political crises have limited citizen participation in decision-making even more. In order to improve the political situation, we have been working with a wide range of actors, including security forces, civil society organizations, and journalists to improve dialogue, comprehension, and collaboration between authorities and communities.

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Media capacity-building for collaborative development in Chad - From June 2011 to June 2014, we implemented a project with the support of the European Union, to strengthen local media in Chad with a larger goal of helping to foster local development and good governance. Despite tremendous oil resources, Chad remains one of the poorest countries in […]

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Strengthening the capacities of the communities in management, prevention and peaceful resolution of conflicts in Chad - In 2013, we led an “Analysis of conflicts, natural disasters and vulnerability of the education system to shocks in Chad,” with funding from UNICEF. This analysis highlighted the drivers of conflicts, including geographic factors, demographic and cultural factors, and socio-economic and political factors. It also identifies the key […]
Promoting durable conflict resolution mechanisms to address climate change-related conflicts between farmers and pastoralists - With funding from the United States Institute of Peace (USIP), we are implementing a pilot project called “Climate of Peace” in the Logone Occidental region of Southern Chad. Logone Occidental has historically been a hotbed of political opposition and is profoundly affected by environmental changes and migration. The […]
Prevention and management of violent conflict over shared natural resources - We are working in Chad to prevent violent conflict over natural resources, particularly between farmers and herders. Both groups converge in the three regions of Chari-Barguirmi, Mandoul, and Moyen Chari because of the advantageous climate conditions. This often leads to competition over natural resources, and ultimately violent conflicts. […]




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