South Sudan

South Sudan

South Sudan gained its independence from Sudan in July 2011. Unfortunately, sovereignty has not brought peace to the nation, and violence is a significant ongoing challenge in South Sudan. This was perhaps no more apparent than when the world’s newest state descended into civil war on 15 December 2013. The fighting has fractured the state’s leadership and has resulted in the internal displacement of one million people, with an additional 367,000 seeking refuge in neighboring countries. Thousands of civilians have died, and a humanitarian crisis around access to food and safety threatens many more. We began working in South Sudan in June 2014. Our programming seeks to promote peace and end violence, using radio programs, outreach activities, and support to local organizations.

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Performing Miracles: South Sudan Refugees find hope in theater - Dau is an actor, performing in refugee camps for members of the tribe that persecuted his family decades prior.

latest projects

Together We Can - We are training local leaders and facilitating radio discussions to ease tensions between the Madi and Acholi communities of South Sudan.
Sergeant Esther - A new radio show tells the story of a police woman who leads by example.
Communicating for Peace in South Sudan - With UNICEF, we are using media and participatory theater to foster constructive dialogue among South Sudanese youth affected by conflict. Read the innovative research behind this project here and here




Regional Director, East and Southern Africa
Rebecca Besant

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