Having gained independence from British colonial rule in 1961, Tanzania and Zanzibar only assumed their present form in 1964. Despite political stability, which resulted in a strong multi-party republic, Tanzania is one of the poorest countries in the world. However, recent investments in mining, better infrastructure, and policy reforms in the commercial sector have positively contributed to economic growth and the eradication of poverty.

Together with local journalists, civil society partners, and members of the government, we have been working in Tanzania and Zanzibar since 2010 to promote gender equality, foster good governance, and encourage greater objectivity in the media.

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The Team – Tanzania - A coming of age story told from the point of view of three teenagers whose lives are changed with the arrival of Ms. Wito, the dynamic new civics teacher. Storylines follow the group’s intimate relationships, friendships, and home lives as societal norms force them to take on a […]

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Implementation of the Maputo Protocol - The Maputo Protocol, more formally known as the Protocol to the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights on the Rights of Women in Africa, was signed by 46 African nations in 2003. It guarantees comprehensive political and social rights to women, as well as the right to […]
Promoting Healthy State-Citizen Relationships in Africa - Despite an increment in the political engagement of Tanzanian citizens, the accountability of governmental institutions remains low. There is little transparency in the administrative and political processes, and corruption is a widespread phenomenon. Recognizing an opportunity to build the ability of civil society to positively interact with the […]
Sustainable Business Practice in the North Mara-Tarime District - The mining industry is one of the most thriving sectors of the Tanzanian economy, attracting the investments of global corporations. In some circumstances, unemployment and lack of appropriate information with regards to mining and investors have created tensions between corporations, the government, and local citizens. These tensions are […]




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