Since its inception in 1947, Pakistan’s democratic structure has been frequently interrupted by long periods of authoritarian military rule. Now a fragile democracy plagued by governance and economic problems, the country is also struggling to control violent extremism and insurgencies that pose a grave existential threat. Since 2010, we’ve been working in Pakistan to build and promote democratic processes and social cohesion at community level, to increase the participation of women and youth in leadership and active citizenship, and to enhance the role of media in promoting peacebuilding and creating social tolerance.

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Empowering Pakistan’s Youth – A Documentary - Young people form the largest part of Pakistan’s society. If they are offered opportunities, youth can lead the country towards a strong and peaceful nation. This documentary showcases our two-year program to train youth, local leaders, and the media to become agents of change during and after Pakistan’s […]

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Promoting Peace in KPK & FATA: Connecting Youth Leaders and Policymakers through Mediation and Dialogue - We acknowledge youth as positive agents of change that must be empowered to play a proactive role in transforming conflicts, so we provide them with opportunities to practice non-violent community leadership. In December 2013, our team in Pakistan successfully completed the implementation of a project entitled [...]
Promotion of Dialogue for Peacebuilding through Media and Youth Mobilization in Pakistan - With support from the Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA), our Pakistan team is implementing a project entitled “Promotion of Dialogue for Peacebuilding through Media and Youth Mobilization in Pakistan,” also referred to as the Pakistan Peace Initiative (PPI). The aim of the PPI is to shift attitudes and […]
Strengthening Women Parliamentarians in Pakistan for Effective Governance - Women constitute more than 50% of Pakistan’s population. Their disengagement from socio-political affairs leads to an unfair and unbalanced governance system impeding the country’s development as a truly democratic nation. In order to address these issues, we and our local partners began implementing in 2011 an initiative entitled […]




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