We began working in Zimbabwe in 2010, using a variety of media and community based outreach programs to involve women and youth in peacebuilding processes. Our flagship project, The Team Zimbabwe, started in 2011; a great success among local audiences, it has been nominated for Best Series at FESPACO, the largest film festival in Africa.

We have also cooperated with local religious leaders on several projects, including a peace campaign ahead of the 2013 elections. Our strong relationship with government media resulted in us being the only NGO, besides organizations fighting HIV, on air at that very critical time.

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A divided village’s dam good solution - “If Search for Common Ground had not come, we would still be fighting among ourselves.” Life is precarious in the Lupane district of Zimbabwe. Severe droughts provoke poverty, disease, and violence. The government is crippled by political and ethnic divisions that prevent it from meeting the citizens’ most […]

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Leaders Unite After Our Outreach Intervention - In Zimbabwe, peace has been a difficult issue to discuss, as authorities often believe that it is code for an anti-regime agenda. However, through our Common Ground Approach, we have been very successful at engaging leaders, especially at the district level, to do just that. To see the […]
The Team – Zimbabwe - In a run-down, ethnically mixed, mining town between Harare and Bulawayo, we meet Pablo and Beans, two young men of different ethnicities, who have little money but who are rich in energy and dreams. When a big city team promotes a scouting contest, the handsome, smooth-talking Pablo vows […]




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