Youth Transforming Violent Extremism


It’s a fact that violent extremists leverage on young people’s grievances to recruit them to their cause. But while radicalized youth make the headlines, the thousands of young activists countering violent extremism rarely get the spotlight.

The truth is simple: the great majority of young people aren’t perpetrators of violence, but partners for peace and positive agents of change. At Search, we work with thousands of young peacebuilders to counter recruitment by violent extremist groups and build alternative narratives. From last year’s Global Youth Summit Against Violent Extremism in New York, to the #StanForPeace initiative, November’s Regional Summit in Nigeria, and the #Youth4Peace movement, Search is on the frontlines of global efforts to empower youth as champions against violent extremism.

Transforming Violent Extremism: A Peacebuilder’s Guide - Drawing from decades of experience on the ground, this guide offers guiding principles for peacebuilders and practitioners working to transform violent extremism around the world.

Youth and CVE Programs

At Search, we work with youth in four continents to counter violent extremism and promote sustainable peace through media, dialogue, advocacy, and more. Find out everything about our programs here!

Radicalization of Central Asian Labor Migrants in Russia - We are researching the dynamics of radicalization among Central Asian labor migrants in the Russian Federation.
Youth as Agents of Peace and Stability in Kyrgyzstan - Our project utilizes a youth-led approach to mitigate the factors that lead to radicalization into violent extremist groups.
100 Youth Activists against Violent Extremism meet in Maiduguri - 100 young activists met in Maiduguri to discuss ways to end violence in their communities.



Too often, the young girls and boys leading efforts against violent extremism don’t get the credit they deserve. These are their stories. !

The Woman Bringing Boko Haram Wives Back To Their Families - Our own Fatima Askira speaks about her inspiring work to reintegrate Boko Haram wives into Nigerian society.
Stop calling us “leaders of tomorrow.” Youth’s turn is now - World leaders need to let youth guide efforts against violent extremism.
I know why the ‘War on Terror’ isn’t working - We need a different strategy to defeat violent extremism.


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