Youth-led Research

Youth-led research is a powerful tool for youth empowerment and engagement, and for inquiry contributing to improved understanding of community issues. We use youth-led research as a programmatic approach that can engage young people in peacebuilding, strengthen their leadership skills, and help them build stronger relationships with members of their community. The findings generated by youth-led research provide valuable insight to research topics, and the act of conducting research itself can have a positive impact on youth and their relationships in their community.

Many of our projects across our global teams put the power of research, design, and advocacy in the hands of young people. Our approach to youth-led research is based on our Listening & Learning methodology. The methodology is specifically designed for research led by youth and relies on natural conversations as an exchange of information between both parties.

A topic for youth-led research does not need to have a direct focus on youth; what makes a research project youth-led is that young people play a leadership role in all stages of design, data collection, data analysis, and results sharing.

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