The 2011 Arab Spring revolution ushered in a period of political transition for Yemen, and the country now faces increasing instability. Yemen has a complex, multi-layered society and is also confronted with many political, ideological, and regional divisions. Economic pressures such as chronic water shortages and diminishing oil reserves further complicate these tensions. Conflicts increase divisions along family, clan, tribal, and ideological lines, often at the expense of common interests which could unite the country. We work especially with media professionals to model constructive problem-solving and tolerance for diversity.

This map shows in blue the districts where we can currently operate, in the midst of the ongoing conflict.

The map (click to enlarge) shows in blue the districts where we can currently operate, in the midst of the ongoing conflict.

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We Cannot Wait Another 1,000 Days to Help Yemen - On the 1,000-day anniversary of the beginning of the war, our Yemen Country Director reflects on his country's suffering and current opportunities for peace.

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Partnership for Social and Behavior Change in Yemen – Second Phase - With support from UNICEF, we are finalizing the second phase of Partnership for Social and Behavior Change in Yemen, an 18-month project in the governorates of Taiz and Al-Hodeidah. The project aims at reducing the impact of conflict on children’s health and encourages dialogue on sensitive children’s health […]
Integrated Social Cohesion and Development - Since 2015, our team in Yemen has been working with UNDP to review the success of the 2011 project Integrated Social Cohesion and Development, implemented in the governorates of Taiz and Abyan. The goal of the project was to integrate community-led conflict prevention into development initiatives led by […]
Yemen Common Ground Institute (Yemen CGI) - Building on its successes in Tunisia, our MENA Common Ground Institute is expanding to Yemen, with support from the European Union. The MENA CGI launched in 2015, and pursued four objectives: building the skills of a new generation of Arabic-speaking dialogue experts; supporting dialogue initiatives and raising awareness […]




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