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Identity-based conflict has been prevalent throughout American history, often focused around issues like immigration, civil rights, racial discrimination, religion, gender, and sexual orientation. The struggle for identity-based equity defines the issues in America today, and we are working to build bridges between current conflicting viewpoints. In order to help Americans find common ground, our USA team currently addresses the conflicts around race, the LGBT community, and religious differences.

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Fostering U.S.-Iranian ties through jazz - CNN features our work to improve relations between the United States and Iran, through a jazz tour that brought the first American musicians to play in Iran’s premier concert hall in over 35 years.

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Millennial Action Project -

The Millennial Action Project (MAP) is the first national organization dedicated to overcoming America’s partisan gridlock through next generation leadership. MAP pursues its mission through three related paths: Creating the foundations to foster political cooperation, promoting millennial leadership, and advancing post-partisan policy.

Congressional Leadership Projects - We aim to heal racism in the USA at interpersonal and institutional levels. Using a common ground approach, we create opportunities for a wide range of people to work together constructively across dividing lines. While the focus is race, our approach depends on the participation of people of […]
Rights of the LGBT Community - Our goal is to support the creation and adoption of common ground legislation that upholds the rights of the Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender (LGBT) community while protecting religious liberties. We also work with communities and their leaders to strengthen existing legislation that supports these rights We will accomplish these goals by […]




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