Under The Same Sun

In 2013, Common Ground Productions and Lama Productions co-produced a feature length docu-drama film titled Under the Same Sun. The movie follows two businessmen – one Palestinian and one Israeli – as they struggle to build a joint business venture in the face of political, cultural, and family opposition.

Under the Same Sun seeks to humanize the “other” for both Israeli and Palestinian audiences, and it aims to dispel the belief held by many that there is no partner on the other side. Ultimately, it is grounded in the idea that the two societies need a vision worth striving for. By delving into the intangible longings and emotions of each side’s narrative, the film builds mutual understanding and offers hope to Israeli and Palestinian audiences that peace is possible.

The film was funded by the European Union, the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office, and the Skoll Foundation. It was directed by Sameh Zoabi, a Palestinian, and produced by Amir Harel, an Israeli. On October 2, 2013, it was broadcast simultaneously on Israel’s most popular network, Channel 2, and on the independent Palestinian Ma’an satellite station.

Under the Same Sun is being screened at festivals and to audiences in the US, Europe, and Australia. For more information on how to see Under the Same Sun, or to arrange a screening, please visit the Under The Same Sun screenings page.


Under The Same Sun – Scene 1 - In this excerpt from Under The Same Sun, Shaul (Yossi Marshek) and his wife Dorit (Eliana Schejter) visit her brother in an Israeli settlement.
Under the Same Sun – Scene 2 - In this look at Under The Same Sun, Nizar (played by Ali Suliman), shows his father and Walid the Facebook group he and Shaul have created for their project.