Timor-Leste (East Timor)

After gaining independence from Portugal in 1975, Timor-Leste’s very short-lived autonomy was ended by the Indonesian occupation later that same year and the country was declared Indonesia’s 27th province. After a long fight, Timor-Leste finally became a sovereign state on May 20, 2002. Following the successful withdrawal of the UN Integrated Mission in 2012, Timor-Leste remains at a critical juncture in terms of its development and democratization. Security continues to be fragile, and the Timorese youth, which make up almost 50% of the country’s population, has shown to be a key player in the country’s stability. Frequent youth violence and gender imbalance in the democratic process still threaten the peace-building process in Timor-Leste. To help move the peace and democratization process forward, we have been working in Timor-Leste since April 2010 and have been focusing our efforts on youth engagement, women empowerment, increasing citizen access to justice, strengthening good governance and civil society, and media programming.

Our Results from 2013:
  • 7,850 of People Engaged in training, Forum and Dialogues
  • 3 Projects Implemented
  • 255 Activities Held across country
  • 13 Districts Covered
  • 139 Local Partners Involved
  • 19 Government institutions involves (Local and National)
  • 215 Radio program broadcasted at National and District Level

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163 countries

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SFCG – Timor-Leste - Our work in Timor-Leste began in 2010. Armed with the idea that conflict is resolvable and that peace is a process, our organization is regarded as one of the first places to start the peacebuilding process. We have been focusing our efforts on youth and women, using innovative […]

latest projects

Youth Engagement to Promote Stability (YEPS) - The Youth Engagement to Promote Stability (YEPS) project aims to transform the way Timorese youth engage with government and community leaders, promote peace and reconciliation, and prevent election-related violence by bridging the gap between youth and socio-political structures. YEPS also seeks to prevent conflict through the innovative usage […]
Her Story (Feto nia Istoria): Empowering Women and Increasing Their Access to Justice - In October 2012, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs awarded us a two year project entitled “Women Empowerment and Increasing Access to Justice” (WEA2J). This yearlong project targeted women and youth from across all thirteen districts of Timor-Leste to address the entwined problems of the cultural subjugation of […]
Democracy and Development in Action Through Media and Empowerment (DAME) - Our “Democracy and Development in Action Through Media and Empowerment” (DAME) program, which started in 2012, strengthens the democratization process and stabilizes the country by improving the capacities of non-state actors and strengthening the channels of communication between citizens and decision-makers. Through the DAME project, we are working […]




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