UNSCR 2250

The U.N. Security Council has given youth a tool for empowerment

Our Asia Director Michael Shipler on the #Youth4Peace movement: “Youth shouldn’t be seen as a risk, but rather as critical partners.”

UN Resolution 2250: A game changer for EU on peace and security?

Today’s youth generation, representing 1.8 billion people, is the largest the world has ever known.

Resolution 2250: Sri Lanka is First in Line

Sri Lanka has become the first country to create an action plan to turn the recommendations of Resolution 2250 into reality.

UN Security Council Resolution 2250 – the infographic!

Click here to download a localized infographic about UNSCR 2250!

UN Secretary-General appoints Advisory Group of Experts for the Progress Study on Youth, Peace and Security

Read our press release about an exciting development for UNSCR 2250.

Stop calling us “leaders of tomorrow.” Youth’s turn is now

World leaders need to let youth guide efforts against violent extremism.

‘Young people have to have a seat at the table’

The international community has coalesced behind young people through Resolution 2250.