After Search, young Tunisians become leaders against extremist violence

After projects end, how do young people trained by Search – Tunisia continue on the peacebuilder’s path in their own lives?

Security Sector Reform in Tunisia

Our project is increasing the transparency of and citizen participation in security sector reform in Tunisia.

Tunisian and Dutch Officials Join Forces Against Violent Extremism

We organized an exchange between Tunisian and Dutch officials to conclude the first phase of our project countering violent extremism in Tunisian prisons.

Heal Political Divides

The President’s approval rating was 34%. National representatives were even lower at 28%. Protests threatened violence. So much had been promised, so little fulfilled…

Introducing New Resources for Dialogue Experts in the MENA Region

We are proud to announce the publication of two new resources for dialogue practitioners: the Community Dialogue Design Manual and the Roster of Tunisian dialogue specialists.

Rapport de commissariat aux comptes Exercice 2015

In Monastir, youth teach each other how to lead

Our Youth Leadership Councils are creating new opportunities for young people all across Tunisia.