From hostility to hope in Tanzania’s gold mines

Human rights abuses and violence have impacted livelihoods in communities around Tanzania’s mining sites. A Police Inspector is helping turn the tide.

Sustainable Business Practice Program
Improves Community Relationships

North Mara gold mine sites are under severe pressure from illegal mining intrusions from both youth in the area and larger groups of ‘opportunists’ from other regions and neighboring countries. While enforcing the property rights of the mines, the police also struggle with very negative perceptions from the […]

In Officer Ahia’s book, human rights come first

After our training, a Tanzanian policeman and his colleagues completely changed the way they operate.

Tanzanian leaders unite to make government better

Low cooperation between citizens and government officials in Tanzania is a problem for everybody. Together with civil society leaders, we’re working to solve it.

African Idol: the search for a (peace and development) superstar

We turned a gathering of innovators from Tanzania, Kenya, and Nigeria into the very first peacebuilding contest of East Africa.


Explore the connection between environmental degradation and violence.

Miss Everline says goodbye to empty classrooms

A determined teacher from a rural village in Tanzania convinced her students to make a positive change in their lives.