Sri Lanka Toolkits

Practice Note 1: Memorialisation and Reconciliation in Sri Lanka

This series of practice notes, as part of the Community Memorialisation Project, is meant to provide an overview of memorialisation as a tool for reconciliation and transitional justice in post-conflict contexts, using the Sri Lankan experience as an example. The findings from individual and community memorialisation will provide grass roots level access to a range of issues and considerations that may have, or may in future, cause and trigger violence. These need to be addressed in a comprehensive way in the context of justice, psycho-social healing, reparations, reconciliation, race relations, rehabilitation, gender issues, security issues among others. This series by various practitioners, is meant for researchers, cultural activists, practitioners and policy makers in order to better understand key tools and opportunities for using memorialisation in post-conflict contexts, guidelines and principles on how memorialisation and its use in reconciliation can be practiced and draw on existing good practice for planning and programming in this area.