Sri Lanka Projects

WILL – Women in Learning and Leadership

Our team is leading efforts to improve access to political opportunities for women leaders in Sri Lanka.

Empowering Women in Local Governance

This project focuses on strengthening the political representation of women in government.

The Community Memorialization Project

We are creating an environment that acknowledges and protects the diverse perspectives and memories of Sri Lanka’s history.

TOUR – Team Outreach for Reconciliation

This project builds upon the success of our national TV drama Sikka Team.

SMART – Sri Lankans Mobilized to Achieve Reconciliation and Transformation

Youth in Sri Lanka have the potential to positively transform the reconciliation process.

The Team – Sri Lanka

Drawing on our decades of experience using television drama and sports as peacebuilding tools in highly divided societies, we are producing our popular TV drama The Team in Sri Lanka as a tool to promote reconciliation. The Team Sri Lanka is a thirteen episode series about a cricket […]

Empowering Women Leaders in Social Integration

We are working to strengthen the skills and knowledge of women leaders in Sri Lanka so they can play a more effective role in promoting social integration, the ability of all citizens to participate in politics, economics, and social issues. This project is based on the belief that […]