Austrian Foreign Ministry Honors Search’s Grassroots Program in South Sudan

Our program in South Sudan won the Intercultural Achievement Award presented by the Austrian Government.

New Research Sheds Light on Conflict Dynamics in South Sudan

Our new policy brief offers unique insight into the dynamics of interethnic conflict in South Sudan and strategic recommendations on how to support long-term stability in the country.

Classy Awards 2017: Search Honored as Leading Innovator

Three of our programs are among the 100 most innovative nonprofits and social enterprises of 2017!

South Sudan: where we stand today

Working with local leaders, we build peace from the grassroots in South Sudan. Watch our short films and read our reports here.

3 takeaways from this month’s African Union Summit in Kigali

Here are three takeaways from the historical summit, reinforcing hope in a brighter future for Africa.

South Sudan: two tribes rebuild what violence demolished

After years of ethnic violence, the Madi and Acholi tribes of South Sudan are coming together to heal the trauma and start a new chapter.

Performing Miracles: South Sudan Refugees find hope in theater

Dau is an actor, performing in refugee camps for members of the tribe that persecuted his family decades prior.