Sexual & Gender-Based Violence

Sexual and gender-based violence encompasses a wide range of actions, including physical, psychological, or sexual abuse motivated by gender and power differences. Anyone can be the victim of such violence, though women and girls disproportionately suffer from it. Through training and popular media, we work to make this violence unacceptable on social and interpersonal levels.

Holding Their Own

Weak and fragile? Brave girls in Nepal are learning self-defense, defusing stereotypes, and proving to their communities just how strong they are.

Dead Man’s Market and the Boy Gangs of Niger

Our perspective from the ground was featured in Foreign Policy’s report on countering violent extremism in Niger.


Burdened by financial problems, Mernie brought stability back into her family, becoming an advocate for women’s rights in the process.

From Child Marriages to FGM, Tanzanian Women Demand Reform

Innovative mobile cinema sessions are taking the debate around gender equality in Tanzania to the next level.

Yemen’s hidden heroes: a widow’s plight to protect innocence

Forty-year-old Amal is a widow from the district of Maqbana, in southern Yemen. She is raising awareness among her neighbors about the risks of early marriage.

Soft Power Outage

Excerpt from a Foreign Policy article by Kristin Lord. _____________ […] Take the example of nonviolent methods of preventing and resolving conflict, also known as peacebuilding, which entail substantial public engagement and also suffer from a sort of liquidity trap. Investments are often too minimal to achieve significant results, […]

Nigeria: The flip side

Originally published in The Hill – May 31, 2014By Chom Bagu, Director, Search for Common Ground Nigeria Explosions. Mass kidnappings. Nigeria is no stranger to international news these days, making the region seem like a train wreck that the world can’t help but gawk at. Most recently we’ve […]