Security Sector Reform

In many tense or violent situations, the security sector can become part of the problem, preying on the very citizens they are meant to protect. We partner with police, military, and prison staff as part of the solution, training them to defend human rights.

DRC Women

Congolese Army Wife Stands Up Against Domestic Violence

Inspired by Search – DRC’s human rights training for the Congolese Army, Sylvie launched her own program to protect women from domestic violence.


Where is our common ground?

Police and community distrust. Racial tension and violence. Fear of other religions. Urban-rural division. Journalism that inflames rather than enlightens. Political logjams. Lack of government transparency. Search has been solving these problems in countries around the world for 35 years. Now it’s time to deal with them in […]


Pahunch – the reality show

Our new reality TV show to build trust in the Nepali police features eight contestants solving real-life inspired cases.

Liberia SIDA project

A partnership between Liberia’s institutions and civil society

We are working with seven partner organizations to improve collaboration between civil society and the government of Liberia.


Focus on Nepal Police

The Himalayan Times reports on PAHUNCH, a reality TV show to improve security and access to justice in Nepal.


The Art of Friendship

Discover the world of mithila: a traditional Nepalese painting style… and a powerful tool to build peace.

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Police & Communities Need You

Many communities don’t trust the police. They think they are abusing – even murdering – people rather than protecting them. And many police feel unfairly accused. They think the community is working against them, protecting criminals in their midst. This could describe many neighborhoods in the U.S. But […]