Reality TV

Classy Awards 2017: Search Honored as Leading Innovator

Three of our programs are among the 100 most innovative nonprofits and social enterprises of 2017!

Pahunch: Nepali Reality TV Show For Social Change

The Huffington Post reports on Pahunch, Search’s groundbreaking reality show to increase trust between police and citizens in Nepal.

Former Maoist Combatant Gyan Bahadur Lama wins PAHUNCH

Season one found its champion!

Bustin Police Myths

Around 67% of Nepali citizens don’t trust the police. A new reality show could change that.

He’s Not The Palestinian President, But He Played One On TV

What does the future have in store for young Palestinians seeking political opportunities? NPR reports on our hit reality TV show “The President”.

Focus on Nepal Police

The Himalayan Times reports on PAHUNCH, a reality TV show to improve security and access to justice in Nepal.

Search – Nepal’s first reality show turns police officers into TV celebrities

Introducing our first reality show in Nepal!