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ICTs for Monitoring & Evaluation of Peacebuilding Programmes

by Vanessa Corlazzoli
This paper explores the integration of information and communications technologies (ICTs) into the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems of peacebuilding programmes. It introduces the reader to the breadth and depth of new technologies that are currently available or could potentially be used to monitor and evaluate (including measure and disseminate) results of peacebuilding programmes.

Practical Approaches to Theories of Change in Conflict, Security, and Justice: Part II

by Vanessa Corlazzoli and Jonathan White
This document focuses on providing practical advice on how to use theories of change in the monitoring and evaluation stages of the project cycle. It compliments the first part of this paper which explores the fundamentals of theories of change; what they are, why they are important and how to create a theory of change.

Measuring the Unmeasurable: Solutions to Measurement Challenges in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Environments

by Vanessa Corlazzoli & Jonathan White
The purpose of this practical how-to guide is to provide an overview of key tools, methodologies, and approaches in the social sciences that can be utilised for measuring intangible change in conflict-affected and fragile environment. The paper presents the tools and examines the strengths and weakness of the individual tools. Each tool is accompanied with a small discussion on how the tool can be used to measure hard-to-reach, intangible changes in situation of conflict and fragility.

A Guide for Professional Journalism in Conflict Zones

Our Jerusalem team presents a manual and practical guide for journalists working in conflict situations. Insights from intensive work with Palestinian and Israeli media professionals seek to increase the awareness of the role media professionals play in conflict situations.

Also available in Arabic and Hebrew.

DM&E Manual: Designing for Results: Integrating Monitoring and Evaluation in Conflict Transformation Programs

This is the first manual to focus on the particular needs of conflict transformation practitioners in their attempts to measure and increase the effectiveness of their work. The manual includes practical tips and examples from around the world.

Strengthening Work at the Nexus of Arts, Culture and Peacebuilding

On November 8, 2011, we convened a gathering of experts at the United States Institute of Peace to explore how work at the nexus of arts, culture and peacebuilding could be strengthened. This report summarizes the conversation and highlights action steps.

Communication for Peacebuilding: Practices, Trends and Challenges

In January 2011, USIP supported us to convene a group of experts to map current practice and identify key challenges and trends in the field of Communication for Peacebuilding. This report summarizes the conversation and further research.