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We are raising awareness on the importance of women’s participation in unconventional ways.

Press Tour Captures Peace Efforts in Plateau State

All too often, particularly in conflict-prone environments, the mindset of journalists and media houses is that bad news sells. When Nigerian national news outlets publish stories about Plateau State, which has suffered from cyclical intercommunal violence for over a decade, they usually highlight tensions or attacks on communities rather than what individuals and […]

Burkina Faso: A foreseeable eruption

This article originally appeared in The Hill. A million protesters. A burning parliament. A military coup d’état. Alienation and frustration in Burkina Faso simmered under the surface for years, until things finally erupted this week. Now is not only the time for reflection, but for progressive, inclusive dialogue […]

Teen journalist rallies change

“Everyone has their own opinion, and it is our responsibility as journalists to hear all sides of a story. We should seek the truth at all times…”- Dastan Umetbai Uulu Many teenagers around the world are in high school, preparing to leave for college. But Dastan Umetbai Uulu, […]

Comics venture to ‘doors of hell’

“I really liked this story. I read the whole comic book and I learned that it is important to stay united to better develop,” says Messo. This father of eleven children is the Chief of the village Kalawa Messo. By the Congo River, in a village in Katanga […]

Former militant turned peacebuilder brings ‘comic’ relief to Congo

Out of the deadliest trenches rise some of the most brilliant peace-builders.  During the ‘90s, violence plagued the Kivu region in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), pulling Joseph Muhaya into the conflict.  After hearing about Search’s work, he started looking for non-violent ways to end conflict.  He […]