Political Leaders

Strengthening Social Cohesion

Strengthening Social Cohesion is a project that focuses on training for government officials in Myanmar.

Madam Prime Minister

Introducing the first female (and fictional) Prime Minister of Nepal.

A visit from the U.S. Ambassador to the Central African Republic

We were honored to receive the visit of H.E. Jeffrey Hawkins, the U.S. Ambassador to the Central African Republic.

Where is our common ground?

Police and community distrust. Racial tension and violence. Fear of other religions. Urban-rural division. Journalism that inflames rather than enlightens. Political logjams. Lack of government transparency. Search has been solving these problems in countries around the world for 35 years. Now it’s time to deal with them in […]

The Women Leaders of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

A workshop on leadership and advocacy inspired 48 female politicians to make a difference in their local communities in Pakistan.

Tanzanian leaders unite to make government better

Low cooperation between citizens and government officials in Tanzania is a problem for everybody. Together with civil society leaders, we’re working to solve it.

First a student, then a housewife, then a champion for equality

Many women in Morocco are pressed to give up their career aspirations and play the role imposed on them by society. Fatima had something different in mind.