Conflict Truths: an interview with Shamil Idriss on NPR

Search’s President and CEO Shamil Idriss shares insights from 30 years of experience transforming conflict around the world.

Final Evaluation Report – November 2016 – Tomorrow is a New Day, Phase II: “Building a Peace Architecture in the Niger Delta for 2015 and Beyond”

Funded by the European Union, Search for Common Ground implemented Tomorrow is a New Day, Phase II: “Building a Peace Architecture in the Niger Delta for 2015 and Beyond” in partnership with four local partners. The project is a continuation of phase I, which aimed to support community conflict resolution and reconciliation, influence conflict dynamics and facilitate access to information and dialogue in the Niger Delta. Phase II objectives used this foundation to design a programme that reduced tensions among youth, supported the electoral process and established strong linkages for local community decision-making and problem-solving. Launched across 12 communities in four states in the Delta Region of Nigeria (Ogu, Amairi-Osusu in Abia State, Ogbia in Bayelsa State, and Koko in Delta State), Tomorrow is a New Day addressed core issues linked to long-term stability and a functioning peace architecture. Data for the evaluation was collected through online surveys, focus group discussions and key informant interviews. Sustainable indicators included improved relationships, shifting attitudes towards conflict and peaceful elections.

The evaluation found that the project was successful in enabling trust and confidence in local communities and data confirmed a positive correlation between the project and an improved culture of non-violence. Trainings provided participants with the confidence and the “know-how” to ensure non-violent solutions to conflict-prone problems. As a result, all of the participants consulted advocated for non-violent solutions and encouraged mediation and dialogue amongst those affected by conflict. Results included improved relationships and a rise in reconciliation cases, with some participants stating how their own behaviour had improved towards their spouse and children. The programme contributed to a peaceful election process and an increased awareness of rights and obligations of citizens related to the election environment. In some regions, more women participated in the elections as they felt encouraged by the peaceful process. However, although the project was successful in changing attitudes, it encountered critical problems, such as budget issues, and as a result raised significant challenges in reaching some foreseen changes.

Keeping it ‘Holy’: A Muslim and Jew’s Answer to Rising Tensions

Search for Common Ground President & CEO Shamil Idriss and Co-Director for Search’s Jerusalem office Sharon Rosen craft an op-ed on religious tensions and the protection and preservation of Holy Sites.

Baseline Study Executive Summary – Empowering Women as Key Partners in Building Peaceful and Resilient Communities in Sudan – February 2017

“Empowering Women as Key Partners in Building Peaceful and Resilient Communities in Sudan” was implemented by Search for Common Ground (SFCG), in Sudan in collaboration with the Badya Center for Integrated Development Services (Badya), a leading NGO in South Kordofan that works in development and peacebuilding.

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17 suggestions for supporting peacebuilding in fragile states

Our Nepal Country Director Rajendra Mulmi shares some precious insight with The Guardian.

GLPF: Crisis in Burundi: A Peacebuilder’s Reflection

Click here to watch the event live! Please join the Great Lakes Policy Forum for a conversation with Emmanuel Nshimirimana, Executive Director of Biraturaba, a Burundian peacebuilding organization. For the last seven years, Biraturaba has coordinated civil society contributions to Burundi’s strategic peacebuilding framework. Emmanuel will reflect on […]