Participatory Theater


From Syria to the Heart of Europe: Journey of a Refugee Actor

Search’s theater program helped three-time refugee Mahmoud find his vocation. Now, he’s using what he learned to support Syrian refugees in Germany.


South Sudan: where we stand today

Working with local leaders, we build peace from the grassroots in South Sudan. Watch our short films and read our reports here.


Comic Relief

Can a comic book hero protect real-life communities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo?

Dau South Sudan

Performing Miracles: South Sudan Refugees find hope in theater

Dau is an actor, performing in refugee camps for members of the tribe that persecuted his family decades prior.

Laeticia CAR

The Stylist Who Turned Activist

Violence in the CAR turned Laeticia’s life upside down. She found the strength to start over, becoming a peace ambassador in the process.

Niger video

As Polls Close in Niger, a New Phase Begins

As the early results trickle in, the atmosphere remains peaceful, also thanks to Search’s contribution.

IMG_1556 Madagascar

A podium, a pen, a play

Our participatory theater show in Mahanoro, Madagascar, turned into an occasion to discuss essential family practices in a public forum.