Policy Brief: Implications of new legislation on farmer-herder conflict in Nigeria

Our latest policy brief looks at the implications that new legislation regulating cattle roaming is having on the local economy and security.

Farmers/herdsmen crisis: Institute advocates stringent measures to avoid anarchy

We’re linking researchers, practitioners, and media professionals to find solutions to the conflict between farmers and herders in Nigeria.

The Protectors

From Burundi to Nigeria, these heroes are putting their lives at risk to build peace. Show them they’re not alone.

Range Wars in Nigeria’s Middle Belt

We spoke with the Council on Foreign Relations about natural resource conflicts in Nigeria — listen to the podcast here.


The Facing Difference Challenge

We’re joining forces with Students Rebuild, CARE, and the Global Nomads Group for this year’s Facing Difference Challenge!

Nigeria: Conflict in the Middle Belt

Join the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission for a hearing on the ongoing conflict between cattle-herding nomadic groups and settled farming populations in Nigeria’s Middle Belt.

The Peace and Prosperity Collaborative

The Collaborative is a new youth-led platform for change. Learn more about our pilot initiatives in Sri Lanka and Nigeria.