Natural Resource Conflicts

From water to gold, farmland to forests, the earth’s resources often fuel human conflict. An individual fights with his neighbor over property while a whole community combats a corporation mining in their area. We work with both parties to find a common ground solution – one that meets everyone’s needs.

Range Wars in Nigeria’s Middle Belt

We spoke with the Council on Foreign Relations about natural resource conflicts in Nigeria — listen to the podcast here.

From hostility to hope in Tanzania’s gold mines

Human rights abuses and violence have impacted livelihoods in communities around Tanzania’s mining sites. A Police Inspector is helping turn the tide.

From Screenings to Schooling

For farmers and herders in the community of Agbashi, Nigeria, violent conflict had become dangerously common — until a movie changed their world.

Project Mazava II: Building Trust around Madagascar’s Mining Sites

As the 2018 elections approach, new tensions arise around Madagascar’s mining sites. Our work is helping prevent violent clashes.

Sustainable Business Practice Program
Improves Community Relationships

North Mara gold mine sites are under severe pressure from illegal mining intrusions from both youth in the area and larger groups of ‘opportunists’ from other regions and neighboring countries. While enforcing the property rights of the mines, the police also struggle with very negative perceptions from the […]

Radio Rescue: farmers turn to airwaves over violence in Rwanda

Every Sunday afternoon, thousands of listeners across Rwanda tune into a radio show that became a lifeline for farmers at risk of losing everything.

Terre D’Entente: Citizen Participation in Land Mediation in the Great Lakes

We are connecting citizens, mediators, civil society, and governments to find collaborative ways to solve land conflict in Burundi, Rwanda, and the DRC.